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The architecture of golf is directly tied to the landscape. As one of the few sports with no standardized playing area, its clubhouses and structures are usually unique to each course. Prioritizing views and access, golf architecture tends to be exclusive, especially when many courses are not open to the public. Clubhouses make room for players and spectators to gather and socialize while they overlook the course from multiple angles. Golf has existed in various forms for centuries, but the modern game as we know it has evolved to include expansive fairways with scenic vistas and new amenity buildings. The 20th century brought a sharp rise in the sport’s popularity, which in turn led to an increase in new clubhouse designs. Built with lounges, bars, shops and storage spaces, these structures are designed around relaxation and recreation. Looking at the architecture of golf from around the world, the following projects showcase clubhouse designs exploring precision, balance and open views to the course. View more View full description
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