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The McDonald’s Flagship - Orlando aims to become the first Net Zero Energy quick-service restaurant and in doing so represents McDonald’s commitment to building a better future through “Scale for Good”. Incorporating visible and impactful symbols of change, the restaurant arranges architecture and technology to firmly place itself in the future. Under a canopy clad in solar panels, the restaurant is a sustainable and healthy response to the Florida climate. Energy consumption is reduced by optimizing building and kitchen systems. On-site generation strategies: 18,727 square feet of photovoltaic panels, 4,809 square feet of glazing integrated photovoltaic panels, and 25 off-the-grid parking lot lights produce more energy than the restaurant uses. Taking advantage of the humid subtropical climate, the building is naturally ventilated for about 65% of the time. Jalousie windows operated by outdoor humidity and temperature sensors close automatically when air-conditioning is required. An outdoor “porch” features wood louvered walls and fans to create an extension of the indoor dining room. View more View full description
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