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Shantou Village in Dadongba Town has a long history for its rice wine production in the County. Every autumn, after the glutinous rice matures, the villagers start to brew wine. The medicinal liquor is taken from the local Polygonum hydropiper, squeezed into juice, and added with rice flour. After more than seven processes such as fermentation and sun drying, this white wine is made and added during brewing.  A new rice wine factory has been programmed to provide a standardized space for large-scale production and branding operations by integrating family workshops into a collective union. It also promotes ecological agriculture, rural tourism, and specialty agricultural products industries to accelerate the industrial development and increase village income. The factory is situated at the village entry on a sunken site. According to the site characteristics and program requirements, the underground floor serves as the wine cellar for wine collection, and the ground floor connecting with the road serves as the production space. The production space is stretched along with the linear site with a series of compartments following the production sequence: rice soaking, cooking, fermentation mixing, filtering, squeezing, high-temperature cooking, sterilization, and product packaging.  View more View full description
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