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Croatia has long been a crossroads of culture. Located along the Adriatic Sea, it borders five countries and has some of the richest biodiversity in Europe. The built environment reflects influences from Central Europe and the Mediterranean, as well as both the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Today, a series of new housing projects are reinterpreting the country's past as architects and designers look to reimagine what the future holds. From the Dinaric Alps to Slavonia's flat plains, Croatia is home to incredible landscapes. Whether sited among mountains, forested highlands, islands or lakes, the country's new housing projects take advantage of views across the land in a varied geography. From the heart of its capital city Zagreb to more remote areas, the last two decades have seen investments in infrastructure that connect growing city centers with the countryside. The following housing projects explore the country's development through housing projects built within the last decade. View more View full description
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