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The design takes its initial inspiration from chef Sergio Giraldo and bartender Cristóbal Bouchet's dream to open their own restaurant La Sastrería, with the help of Grupo Gastroadictos. The objective of the project, as in many Masquespacio projects, was very clearly defined as fulfilling the illusion of a group of young entrepreneurs seeking to offer a new culinary and sensorial experience in Valencia. Located in the maritime neighborhood of Canyamelar - Cabanyal in Valencia, the restaurant designed by Masquespacio is divided into three parts, with the main reference to Sergio's food. Thus, in the first part, we can find a bar that gives prominence to the neighborhood itself not only through the tribute made to its architectural references but also to its neighbors and their way of living. This is how it represents the act known in Valencia as ‘Tomar la fresca’ in which the neighbors on the hottest days go out to the street with their chairs and get together with the other neighbors for a gathering. View more View full description
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