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The house is located on the top floor of a building built in 1959 in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona. The building has 2 doors per landing, although both the attic floor and the top floor have only 1 door. The structure of the house is made of load-bearing walls. The rectangle that shapes the floor is divided by the elevator and staircase core, as well as by a load-bearing wall. The common area faces the SW façade, while the room area faces the SE façade. The total area is 60.46 m². From the beginning, the project plans to reverse the distribution of the house’s uses. All the partitions are demolished, and given the refusal of the Community of Owners, any structural intervention is avoided, unlike the initial proposals approved by the City Council. The proposal is clear according to the client’s demands: a large room with a fully open bathroom and dressing room and a large common area to work and welcome guests without any constraints. View more View full description
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