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Pivot doors are not ordinary doors. They used to be a hassle to install and once in place, the door movement was often lacking. Things are different now, as companies like FritsJurgens have incorporated new technologies that take pivot door hardware to a whole new level. Installation is now extremely easy, allowing for versatility and creativity in pivot door design. So, in what ways can a pivot door enhance your interior design? Movement Boundless materials, sizes, and weights Secret passages and hidden doors Sound-proof doors Partition walls Entrance doors Movement Key to pivot doors is their motion. If you’ve ever seen a pivot door moving, you know that the difference with a regular hinged door is massive. A pivot door pivots on a vertical axis, determined by the position of the pivot hinge system and top pivot. This makes the door movement very elegant. FritsJurgens has perfected the control over the door movement with their System M pivot hinge range and recently launched FlowMotion technology. This hydraulic technology that can be found in the entire System M range focusses purely on movement and allows you to determine every single part of the door movement. It not only improves its appearance, but also the user experience. View more View full description
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