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In Mexico, self-construction has been a topic heated debate between its advocates and opponents; however, this doesn't diminish its prevalence throughout Mexico and the world. Over the past few years, initiatives on the part of architects have driven the creation of instruction manuals for do-it-yourself builders as a way to promote health and safety in self-construction and to also provide insight into building materials and techniques. In many ways, the initiative has improved the self-construction process, a fact evident in the increasingly visible creations seen throughout Mexico.  For many years, people looked the other way when it came to informally built houses. Today, many seek to bring them to the forefront, as is the case with Arquitectura Libre by photographer Adam Wiseman. This long-term project shines a light on auto-constructed architecture in Mexico, namely the creations funded through remittances sent from family in the United States. It should come as no surprise that remittances play a sizeable role in the Mexican economy and nowhere is this more evident than in Mexico's home-grown architecture.  View more View full description
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