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Magicarch Office presents Nexus8, it is a concept for a Traumatology and Physiotherapy Clinic, which, far from conventional stereotypes, it envisions a new way of understanding healthy spaces. In particular, its main concern is the ‘Form of care’ of those involved. The proposal consists of a multidimensional project integrated with special central furniture, which equips and articulates the sanitary spaces. This environment implements a business project with technoscientific approaches. In addition, the project solves variously the “Form of Care”, in order to address the diverse needs of patients and the health staff. Likewise, it generates the therapeutic with thermodynamic strategy, creating different atmospheres for the climatic comfort. Nexus8’s design enables metabolic architectures that rely on rehabilitation techniques based on the hormonal response of the human being. Rooms are characterized by the intensity, direction, and saturation of the light that users perceive depending on the space they are located in. This is an essential part of the chromatic design process. View more View full description
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