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The Impression Sanjie Liu, Yangshuo, Guilin is located in one of the most dramatic landscapes in China. Endless greenery surrounds the site filling space between large karst towers of rock. With a landscape, so grand any moves to dismiss it, let alone compete would make little sense. With this understanding, it was decided that the natural elements themselves would form the premise for what architecture would inhabit the site, one element, in particular, bamboo. The Impression Sanjie Liu is already well established, now in its 15th year of operation. The project presented a situation where most existing structures would remain untouched. Instead, the focus shifted to how introducing new interventions could support a pre-existing condition. At present, large clusters of bamboo cover most of the site, creating structures of mingling pipes and leaves. As a means to coincide with what is already there, the new architecture looked at borrowing the materiality of the bamboo, reconfiguring it to form new space. In doing so, this new space means not to contest. Instead, it aims to augment, albeit very gently, the surrounding bamboo groves and hills. View more View full description
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