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The Collingwood House is a unique local collaboration between established practice and an emerging studio to create a living accommodation that is responsive and personal. It is a successful example of small-scale residential architecture that utilizes its immediate context and the local climate to generate a sensitive contemporary house. Upon winning the Beebreeders’ Microhome competition in 2019, Bla Design Group received its first commissioned project, the Collingwood House. They invited Campos Studio to collaborate, to bring their approach to architecture in which each project is led by the specific conditions of the local context. With a site located in a traditional residential neighbourhood comprised of diverse architectural styles, the design of the Collingwood House became a sensitive contemporary response rooted in the local context, climate, and culture. The project draws from the Craftsman housing stock that formed the original settling of Vancouver. From this, ideas of the porch, cover, and textural facade became part of the design. View more View full description
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