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Pop music, while a global phenomenon, is regional in its definition. The Taipei music scene typifies the phenomenon; while it crosses borders and cultures and dialects, it nevertheless has produced styles and genres with distinct transnational form and appeal. Though many aspects of pop culture exist in a hyper-technological or virtual realm, there is a need for a defined physical hub dedicated to the production and reception of pop.  The importance of the architectural expression of the TMC cannot be overstated. It is very important for the public and users to know that when they enter the precinct of the TMC they are entering a unique creative part of Taipei City with its own architectural identity, style, and aesthetics; for the identity of Taiwanese pop music, while enmeshed in its local roots has also transcended them and operates on a world stage. The success and excitement of this archipelago of pop culture and performance are predicated on urbanism that is architecturally distinct from what is around it, yet remains urbanistically connected.  View more View full description
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