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Located in the heart of Singapore’s rapidly developing technology district, Ascent is a new type of building that signals the transformation and urbanization of Singapore Science Park 1. The building represents the first phase of Studio Woodroffe Papa’s masterplan to revitalize the science park and its design responds to the changing trends within the innovation and knowledge economy. Companies in this talent-based sector increasingly require less overall space, but with more diverse and developed networking potential. They require buildings to be more flexible, resilient, and sustainable with greater access to open space, and offices to be more vibrant and ‘experiential’, supported by events-based lifestyle activities that place greater emphasis on well-being and collaboration. The existing context reflects an older generation of technology parks with their inward-looking workspaces, unfriendly street environments, and isolated buildings. Ascent rejects this model and instead proposes an alternative concept of ‘spatial clustering’, where architecture, landscape, and circulation are integrated to create a system of interconnected indoor and outdoor networking environments - an ideal human-centric, social setting that encourages crossovers and synergies between working, playing and learning. View more View full description
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