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La Paz is a city of mountains, the city in the mountains. Along the Choqueyapu river (from north to south and downhill) the city climbs the hillsides and takes over the valleys. One of these valleys is Achumani, a middle-class neighborhood in which the densification process replaces single-family houses for multifamily apartment buildings. On these valleys, 200 meters lower than the city center (3600 meters above sea level), average annual temperature oscillates from 2°C to 16°C and compels architecture to seek the sun as a primary objective. This condition added to the omnipresent mountainous landscape justify an intense interior-exterior relationship and the design of terraces almost as an obligation. Isabel is an eight-apartment building for the members of three generations of a family with diverse needs, longings, and financial capabilities. In order to achieve economical feasibility for every member of the family, the communal costs had to be as low as possible, so a simple reinforced concrete structure is proposed which allows solving the best possible sunlight and ventilation conditions in each one of the eight apartments. View more View full description
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