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It is a two-family house with a three-story structure that is built on a narrow site in contact with a narrow private road in central Sendai. It is a typical densely populated residential area in the urban area of ​​Sendai City, bordering a private road, with a narrow frontage and surrounded by two-story houses. Due to the close proximity of the houses, it was expected that sufficient lighting and ventilation would not be expected in a typical two-story house. I knew that by going up to the roof level on the 2nd floor, I could see the view of the fireworks of Sendai and the ridge-line of Mt. Aoba. It was required to consider the barrier-free. Although it is a two-family house on a small site with a feeling of pressure, there is depth and a gap around a large tree, and by moving in search of light, each finds a variety of comfortable places and becomes a spacious residence.  View more View full description
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