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The winning project of the second Garage Museum of Contemporary Art competition for the design of a pop-up summer cinema, organized by Strelka KB, was  selected out of 136 submissions from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. The core idea that formed the project was that temporary architecture is pretty much close to nomad architecture. We wanted to highlight it’s temporary, ephemeral nature. From the day one we knew that it should be light and should seem kind of fragile, with no walls or hard barriers as constructive elements. In our work we use multiple references. From Bedouin tents, as an example of traditional nomad architecture, to works of Russian constructivists, early works of Renzo Piano and many others. Those references may not be clearly recognizable at the first sight, but they’ve heavily influenced our work. We’ve envisioned a light external bearing structure that works on its limit and used a PVC membrane as a cover. View more View full description
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