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Architecture and research firm rat[LAB] Studio and Shilpa Architects have designed a new temple in Koppur that reinterprets India's vernacular through parametric design. Called the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, the project is located on the outskirts of Chennai on an 11 acre site at the epicenter of a 338 acre masterplan. The design features an 11 sided polygon (hendecagon), articulated as a three-dimensional polyhedron. Balancing sacred geometry with engineering logic, the new temple was created through an algorithmic process using spatial and structural constraints as its parameters. Embracing the "Land of Temples", Tamil Nadu, the project addresses the client brief asking to use the number 11, owing to their beliefs in numerology and vastu - a traditional ancient Indian science. The hendecagon evolved into three-dimensional spaces while evaluating environmental aspects such as daylight, solar heat gain, and shadows. View more View full description
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