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Sherbet, gelato, mochi and more. The architecture of ice cream is as diverse as its structure and flavors, ranging from pop-ups and small stands to elaborate creameries. Whether designing for a larger franchise with set standards, or a bespoke mom and pop shop, architects and designers are reimagining the spatial experience of ice cream. In turn, they are catering to evolving tastes while embodying the identity of diverse brands.  Today, the architecture of ice cream often reflects specific narratives and imagery appealing to public audiences. From the well-known (and architecturally-inspired) brand Coolhaus, to the Instagram-ready Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco and New York, contemporary designs make the most of color, environmental graphics and lighting. The following projects showcase scoop shops and ice-cream inspired architecture around the world, each combining spatial experience with hospitality design and a touch of gastronomy. View more View full description
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