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"Landscaping is the only artistic expression that includes all five human senses," says Benedito Abbud in his book Creating Landscapes – a guide to Working in Landscape Architecture. While architecture works mainly with sight and touch, landscaping also embraces smell, hearing and taste, "which provides a rich sensorial experience, by combining the most diverse and full perception experiences. The more a garden can sharpen all the senses, the better it fulfills its role." Below, we have selected 10 small-scale landscape projects in Brazil, ranging from small city squares to communal gardens. Parks Urban requalification of the Colina Sagrada do Senhor do Bonfim / Sotero Arquitetos Regeneration of Public Squares in Catanduva / Rosa Grena Kliass Arquiteta + Barbieri + Gorski Arquitetos Associados View more View full description
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