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This article was originally published on Common Edge. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, I, like most of the world, have spent the last few months quarantined at home, perturbed and uncertain about the ramifications of it all. I will spare you my predictions for the Post-Pandemic Future of the African City (there’s presently no shortage of those), but instead, I want to offer up some observations about our current situation. As an African, my perspective is both unique to our continent and universal to everyone. It is, afterall, a global pandemic.  For several weeks, ghost cities became the new normal across Africa as municipal authorities enforced strict lockdown policies in response to the escalating pandemic. Today, nearly every major city on the continent is still under some form of lockdown or is gradually emerging from one. As a result, there’s much speculation about what our cities will look like in a post-Covid era. Many believe there will be a significant shift in the planning, design, and operation of cities, as authorities seek to adapt to the pandemic’s most disruptive effects. I don’t fully share this opinion. I think that predicting the future of a post-pandemic city, while in the middle of a pandemic, is problematic at best. I also know from history that pandemics, even the most deadly ones, eventually end some day.    View more View full description
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