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On the final stretch of the construction works of Wayco Ruzafa coworking space, the opportunity to add the adjacent property arose. A 1590m2 premise that had hosted the Goya cinema in the early 20th century and later the Crisol library. Transformed into a supermarket during its later years of activity, the personality of the early days had been obliterated.  The leitmotiv of the project becomes then to return to the place to its former grandiosity. The intervention is purposely scenographic. The large central space corresponds to the large cinema room with a surrounding gallery, with several sub-levels, looking out to the spot where once hundreds of films were screened, and which today separates and connects with the main space of the first intervention. The stairs become the main actors of the scene. The original wide staircase that gave access to the upper floor is readjusted, conforming to current standards. It acquires an intense green colour and intertwines with a wooden grandstand that invites to much more than being a circulation spot. View more View full description
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