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Designed by Renzo Piano, Genova San Giorgio, the new viaduct over the Polcevera has been inaugurated. Created after the tragic collapse of the Morandi Bridge in 2018, the new bridge in place will be open to traffic starting August 5, 2020. The inauguration of the new bridge of Genoa in Italy comes after 2 years from the partial collapse of the original structure that claimed 43 lives. Built in 1967, the one-kilometer long viaduct was suspended 45 meters above ground, connecting the Genoa-Savona motorway with the Genoa-Valle del Po motorway. Designed initially by engineer Riccardo Morandi, the bridge took on many maintenance works, but questions related to its stability kept on surfacing over the years. On the 14th of August 2018, “one of the three pylons supporting the bridge collapsed, dragging with it a stretch of road about 200 meters long”. In the aftermath of the disaster, Piano offered to donate the design of a bridge to replace the old one, having been deeply affected by the tragedy.  View more View full description
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