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The concept of this project was to create a simple architecture, with its shape resembling a typical house, thus conveying a family atmosphere. On the other hand, it's design features innovation, sophistication, integration with nature, and sustainability combined with technology. We invested in simple lines for this project because we believe that this simplicity is what brings sophistication to the house. Also, like the entire Grou brand, this architecture is easy to assemble and can be taken to any area of the country, easily adapting to local conditions, fitting into any environment, yet always harmoniously arranging the space. It is a prototype for real estate development suitable for homes, hotels, and guesthouses. It is a sustainable modular dwelling that can be combined and extended according to the client's wishes and needs. For the exhibition, everything was assembled in 15 days. For residential projects, the house is finished in just two months. View more View full description
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