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The site is rich in chestnut forest and consists of natural contours. When you enter the ground, you feel like you are walking out into the deep forest, and you can see the beautiful scenery of Seori Mountain along with the valley. Seori Mountain is different from time to time and from season to season. We expected the journey of people to experience the forest, stay here, and take it back. Also, he considered the work of modernizing the nature and culture of Korea. 'Glam Tree' has the meaning of a glamping pavilion and a tree. It also has a comprehensive meaning of rich nature. The unique nature of the earth and the unique, plastic glamping pavilions designed by architects inspired by the leaves and pebbles in the woods combine to create a united glam tree. When you arrive at Glam Tree, you will first encounter a parking lot with stone walls stacked along the path in the woods. The stone wall made of stones from the earth began with cherishing and cherishing the natural elements that existed there. As you walk through the forest path with wild flowers and wild flowers along the stone wall, you will meet a welcome center that greets visitors. View more View full description
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