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Capturing the serene atmosphere and high skies of the city of Jeonju- CUUN (a merger of the English word “cloud” and the traditional Korean character for cloud “uun”) Café is a place where clouds and people alike linger before floating on. Located in the heart of Jeonju Hanok Village, CUUN Café reflects the village’s own stark contrast of traditional architecture and modern city, with its untouched, rough concrete walls and crisp white furniture. Twenty two different clouds take shape as places of rest in various forms: some that have sunken as if waiting upon someone’s arrival, others that risen high above, ready to move on, and others that hover neither quite high nor very low. A space where one feels as if one is sitting upon a cloud, CUUN is meant to be a place where one can ponder upon the passing and stillness of time, much like the clouds that drift across the Jeonju sky and those that have taken root in the cafe. View more View full description
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