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The project is located between the Rummelsbucht nature reserve and the still operating industrial monument Klingenberg, on the site of a former river bathing facility in Berlin. Two multifunctional spaces were created here on approx. 500 sqm which are to serve the client as workshop, event, and relaxation rooms. Both areas have direct access to a large roof terrace on which the architect has created an additional installation made of galvanized grillades, which allows sunbathers to look over the closed balustrade, onto nature and the power plant, creating a kind of dystopian landscape. The design concept aims to combine the industrial character of the area with its new use as an event and recreation area. For this purpose, specially developed room dividers made of stainless steel frames covered with curtains or benches made of industrial grids were manufactured. The open floor plans allow for a variety of activities so that the rooms can be transformed from home to corporate and from private to public through curtains and flexible furniture. View more View full description
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