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The Second Kindergarten of Guangxi Government is located in an alley between Minzhu Road and Jianzheng Road in Nanning. It is surrounded by residential buildings and a primary school. The base before the kindergarten established was composed of old buildings, which could not meet the requirements of the scale and durability for a developing school. After detailed research, the project adopted the method of overall demolition and reconstructing on the original site. The unfavorable orientation with the rectangular building base, long from east to west and short from north to south, , the need to accommodate 18 classes on a limited site and the requirement of kindergarten sunshine, all brought challenges to the design. The design is based on children's daily behavior, hoping to create a rich and diverse communication space for children, and create a place where they can run and play inside. In addition, it has also become a design goal to build up a building that is friendly to the surrounding environment and some public spaces inside be used by residents of surrounding communities. View more View full description
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