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This 60 years old house has always remained in the same family and was occupied by different family configurations. In this new phase, the owners decided to make a major transformation so that in the coming years the residence would serve their uses more comfortably, becoming a meeting place for the whole family. Two regions of the house were the center of the intervention. On one side, kitchen, pantry, storage and staff room maintained a traditional configuration that segregates each room. On the other side, the couple's suite was preceded by a large hall, leaving plenty of free space. At the same time, the bedroom shared space with a tight closet, leaving a small area for the bed and a small window facing the recess. Observing these two fronts, the project sought to reorganize the kitchen area by integrating all rooms with the main hall of the house and expand the suite making it more comfortable. A principle that permeated the actions in all environments was the desire to open the house to its outdoor spaces, making the most of natural light and integrating the vegetation of the gardens with the internal space. View more View full description
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