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The national monument is best known for its reception hall. The rhythm of the parabolic ceiling, the glazed yellow stones, and robust ornaments. “This entrance was the only place that was accessible to the public. But around the hall was another 8,000 square metres of business space. That’s a fascinating idea. So much hidden space right in the middle of the city,” says the library’s architect, Bart Kellerhuis from Zecc, who were also responsible for the interior.  Architect Frederik Vermeesch from Rijnboutt took on the task of repurposing the nearly 100-year-old building for the owner of the building, a.s.r. real estate. This entailed rebuilding the shell and expanding on the Oudegracht side to the rear. “Our brief was to create a connection with the city. Reveal and open up the building to its surroundings.” View more View full description
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