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The Qinyong Primary School Hotel is located in the southeast of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in China. The village, which used to be notorious for being a “rotten village” in the 1960s, was transformed under a specific historical circumstance. At the height of the communism movement in the 1970s, the whole village was demolished and reconstructed, and became the first strictly planned commune in the province. The original natural fabrics and traces were wiped out and a grid of townhouses were established with blocks of local sandstone. Meanwhile, the same material was used to build new infrastructure public buildings and such as the village gate, paths, the auditorium, as well as the primary school which has now been renovated into the hotel. The primary school, consisting of a main teaching buildings and a wing building, sits on the high platform at the northernmost end of the village. The large platform was originally the school playground, from where one can get an aerial view of the whole village. The strip-shaped gray tile roofs are like a piece of land art, stretching all the way to the foot of the adjacent mountain. View more View full description
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