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The Camping Service Center in Louna was initially designed in November 2016 and completed and put into use in October 2017. It is located in the Architect Commune of the Dachong Group, Louna Village, located in the eastern mountainous area of Xingyi City, Guizhou Province. The site is a closed basin surrounded by mountains. The west side of the site is close to a mountain, while a road and a pool appear to its east. There are two adjacent courtyard houses on the site whose foundations and some stone walls were reserved after their demolition. As the supporting service center of the commune's base camp, it includes rooms for dressing, rest, dining, a cafe, and meeting and office rooms. We opted for a contemporary design that would result in a "familiar sense of strangeness." Rather than focusing on so-called tradition, we innovated at three levels: spatial memory, use of local materials and construction methods, and an exploration of the how modernity and metaphor evolve with the land. View more View full description
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