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‘Framed House’ responded to the need to create a strong outdoors/indoors connection. Framed House is a renovation to the back of an existing semi-detached house in Vaucluse. The project included a new open-plan Living/Dining/Kitchen area, two bathrooms and the conversion of an existing pool into a landscaped garden. The name Framed is a result of the main connecting element of the house: the pivot doors and hood that act as a ‘frame’, ‘framing’ the view to the garden. The new design of the Living/Dining/Kitchen area and relocation of the existing Laundry services enabled a more efficient layout which was enhanced by two major decisions: reclaiming the roof space by demolishing the existing flat ceiling and opening up the rear facade of the house, incorporating new pivot doors to the garden for maximum opening area. These two interventions to the space transformed the living experience dramatically by amplifying the sense of spaciousness with a higher ceiling and a more generous and seamless transition to the outdoor area, keeping the inside and outside at the same level.  View more View full description
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