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Located in Jardim Botânico, one of Rio de Janeiro's lushest neighborhoods, the PULSE building houses business offices, featuring unit/area flexibility, common meeting spaces, an auditorium and a rooftop coffee shop overlooking the Christ the Redeemer statue. Commercial spaces facing the street and with underground parking are located on the ground floor. The aesthetic intention was to create an object foreign to the surroundings, as a counterpoint to neighboring buildings. This was achieved in terms of shape, materials and colors, indicating a moment of requalification of the neighborhood, which already is presenting a sense of modernization in terms of infrastructure, local shops and real estate. Hence, we therefore proposed a translucent, but not entirely transparent, construction. A silent, ethereal object. One that stands out subtly at night, like a faint lantern, unlike the dimly lit residential buildings or the brightly lit office buildings. For this purpose, we used special glass with opacity filters; they add protection from sunlight. And we installed transparent and movable glass that accentuates the façade, proffering a certain dynamic aspect to the minimalism of the building that also allows interaction with the city and landscape. View more View full description
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