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The project is located on a pine plot within Sagesse High School Ain Saadeh campus. The client first intended to build a standard shed in order to house a basketball & football courts. During the design phase, and several propositions submitted, he was convinced to give a design touch to the new building. The program was extended, adding sport classes, cafeteria, gym and services. The "shed" structural solution proposed was the main design concept. Thanks to the metallic truss structure, high spam were able to be reached. Its dynamic shape emphasized the sports' function of the project. The main structure silhouette was designed in order to allow solar panels to be fixed on the south side with the angle needed. On the main road, the structure, slightly bending over, was conceived in order to receive advertisement and be profitable to the high school. On the north elevation, where the light penetrating from the exterior is homogeneous all day long without direct sunlight, polycarbonate sheets were installed allowing light to pervade the courts, without having a high warming effect. The envelope, originally designed to be in anthracite textile with good ventilation performance, was replaced by the same color sandwiched panels for budget purpose. To enter the project, the visitor steps into the red ramp meandering under the pine trees. View more View full description
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