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San Francisco is a city defined by its relationship to housing. Since the 90s it has faced an affordable housing shortage, and now, has some of the highest rents of any major US city. As planners and policy makers work to move beyond the city's past and find new paths forward, architects and designers are testing out diverse housing models. From dense residential towers to multi-unit developments, modern housing aims to strike a balance between economy and urbanity. Blending a range of styles throughout its seven hills, San Francisco is home to an eclectic mix of housing. Between historic Victorian residences and expansive single family homes, Bay area residents have seen a wave of more dense housing projects that aspire to make use of the city's limited space. From modular construction to cross-laminated timber and integrated transit developments, San Francisco is desperately trying to rethink its housing stock. Reflecting this wave of architecture built over the last decade, the following projects explore different programs and housing types across the city. View more View full description
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