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Located in Oporto city centre, the four apartments that were part of a building with a very characteristic moth of downtown Oporto, had unique and charming characteristics. The detailed ceilings, sloping roofs, the balconies with a view and the iron guards were part of an inspiring set (the skylight of the glass roof was the striking element of the building common area). In this context, taking advantage of the existing, creating four contemporary apartments, intended for tourism, with a specific programme, was the challenge. Each apartment should be equipped with a kitchenette in addition to a bedroom, living room and bathroom. The first premise was to create spaces with natural light, which became a challenge due to space longitudinal configuration and just one plano of windows. The first thing was to take advantage of the high ceilings and when they were not high enough, it was decided to separate the living area from the sleeping area, through carpentry elements that, at the same time, were configured as storage spaces. View more View full description
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