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Anastasia Elrouss Architects has imagined the MM Residential Tower, a vertical eco-village in the fast-developing suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon. Labeled Urban Lung, the project, sitting on a 900-square-meter rectangular site, generates 14 stacked floor plates around a central and open planted core. The ground floor and basement level, rented by Warchee NGO, will encompass farming and carpentry workshops for women.   Located at the intersection of two streets in Chyah, a suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, the MM Residential Building is a “vertical green landmark with a unified structure whose multi-layered façades act as a protective translucent shell vis-à-vis the street and the surrounding buildings”. Offering residential solutions, while giving residents a new way to inhabit the urban environment, the project “soars from the ground up as a single structural vertical planted element, extending out of the busy city life”. The pilot project aims to blur the limits between the diverse communities in the large urban context in order to allow more unity between people besides their cultural, political, religious, and economic belonging. View more View full description
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