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House of Many Arches is a gut renovation of a 35-year-old house in Kobe, Japan. Originally built with a function of four rentable apartment units and small office, the house went through a series of renovations after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, transforming into a work-live space. With the desire for more openness and comfort, the challenge of the project was to reconfigure the overall layout to provide a spacious work-live space with minimal compartmentalization to allow plenty of light and air throughout each space. Renovation efforts mainly focused on interior space with focus on structural and seismic reinforcement and improvement of climate control performance with upgrading of windows, doors and insulation systems. The key element of the project was the contemporary addition of structural arch walls. Each arch opening was strategically allocated throughout the spaces while providing an overall spatial fluidity across different rooms. View more View full description
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