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In Santa Tere neighborhood in the heart of Guadalajara, is the ELEVA Office, an engineer’s company that is willing to restore an old adobe house, trying to respect the existing facade to tune in with the context of this old neighborhood. From the beginning, the direction of the project is marked by the respect of the existing, giving sense in the heritage’s preservation, especially maintaining the same structure. The base color base inside the structure is white together gray burnished concrete, in order to create a mixed language of materials that surround the entire project, highlighting the natural materiality of the adobe already set in the courtyards. The client’s request responds to the needs that the office requires, where the main entrance is through the "zaguán", arriving at the reception area altogether with the waiting room, this was considered to control the flow of people coming and leaving. The wood furniture and the adobe courtyard are used as connection points between the private work area and the common area, which are complemented by the meeting room. View more View full description
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