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This is the planned expansion of the global training center (2008) for the Daikin industries, multinational air conditioning manufacturing company, and which has updated the overall character of the facility.  It hosts skill trainers’ workshops or leadership development program as well as family recreational use and VIP reception use. The existing facility consists of classroom training block, lobby block, and accommodation block, and the expansion contains skill training block, foyer, and expansion of accommodation block.  The layout of the building is allotted in the existing dune terrain and curved in the way as to take in the surrounding dynamic environment and to activate the communications or give rise to the various activities. The expansion is formed utilizing computational design, with the parameter of the scenery of the sea and green, the sun-light, the regional strong wind from the sea.  The foyer offers the space for various event such as international conference, music concert, or recreational use in addition to the connection lobby between the accommodation block and skill training block or communication space during the training program. View more View full description
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