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Xi'an Eco-Park is part of the ecological park located in the Chongwen Jing River region of Xixian New Area. The project includes an eco-restaurant and a design hotel. Based on the integrity of the design and the compatibility with the surrounding environment, we waving the architecture and landscape together, a spatial twist and the mutual transformation between architectural and landscape become the main design concept. To achieve this symbiotic relationship, we make the architectural event takes place as a consolidation or intensification of a (various) moment(s) within the park. The design, hence, is triggered by the desire of building, a dialogue between the landscape and its architecture. Such identity, however, instead of relying on iconoclastic imaginary, finds its articulation in its placing within the site, stretching its boundaries onto the ground and producing a woven linkage with the landscape through elongated transitions – both spatial and functionally, it (re)defines its context and creates a new environment. View more View full description
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