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The intimate apartment in Lavasan is in fact a domestic apartment owned by 4 sisters who each possess one of the residential floors. Their husbands are all, men of culture and thought; from studying philosophy to participating in art auctions; their main requests was a logical dialogue based on the cultural principles of Iranian architecture, reaching to a domestic, modern interpretation of home. We also had a specific situation caused by the location of the project which was adjacent to the small cemetery of Tok Mazra'e (which is a shrine of many well-known people including Abbas Kiarostami). So the project was affected by different forces and potentials coming from different directions that could be listed as below:1. For creating an atmosphere of Iranian architecture we had a major concern about the enclosed open spaces. In indigenous architecture, the yard was the interaction point of dwellers` communications and their shared events. In this project, we aimed to connect these four domestic units through the use of terraces of different depths which open a variety of voids into each other (a synchronization of continuity and independency), the idea that would make different narrations of a traditional life, happening in a modern building. We have also some private terraces in addition to these domestic terraces. View more View full description
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