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The project has the total area of 295 m2 with 3 floors and 1 roof. The main idea is to create a cozy, peaceful space for family with a simple architecture design style that mix traditional direction. The project is designed in a simple modern style with a mix of traditional elements in old Vietnamese architecture. This is reflected in - The decoration on walls in first floor features traditional strokes by oak, or on the headboard of the bedroom. - The terrazzo material used in the design of the floor, the corridors and stairs creates a pleasant cool atmosphere. The color contrasts well with the cozy wood material that makes the harmony of the whole space. - The flower used in landscaped design is “ Bird of paradise”. This flower is considered the symbol of freedom, beauty and family. Overall project is arranged as follows: - 1st floor - The common living space of the family with the front and back garden, in the middle is the main living space which designed as the joint of the functional areas surrounding the living room, kitchen, dining room and a small wc. The main function areas are divided not by partitions but through the different using of floor elevation, creating an interesting feeling and not to get bored when owner walking on the same floor. - 2nd floor - Master bedroom for parents. This room has a walk in closet and a closed bathroom. For fresh air and nature light, the room has two views, one is the balcony looks down the street and one is the window looks down the back garden. - 3rd floor - 2 bedrooms for 2 children. Each room has natural ventilation windows and a walk in closet. View more View full description
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