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DSN Office is an architectural design and construction office. Located in Karawaci (about 20 km outside Jakarta), it is predominantly housing estates with fixed urban typology. The office is situated between two houses of tropical style with Dutch gable roof structure. Therefore, we deconstructed the roof and made it into the face of the building, to give a sense of belonging and volumetric uniqueness. We broke the space programming into three floors: first floor accommodates six cars and one meeting room, second floor serves as the actual open space office, while the third floor is the dining – pantry – function space – break room. All wooden materials used are furniture industry byproducts obtained from Central Java. As we wanted to humanize the entry space, we created a wooden entry portal where the space is squeezed into human scale. It serves as a foyer for guests, as well as a rain reservoir for plant irrigation in the office. The entrance then opens to a corridor that leads to the meeting room and the stairs towards the second floor. View more View full description
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