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As an old industrial base in Tianjin, the Tractor Factory of Tianjin made outstanding contribution to the industrial development of China in the 1950s. As time develops, the industrial function of this plot is no longer prominent. Therefore, this renovation is not only a transformation of function, but also a successful conservation of the critical industrial heritages in Tianjin. How to create an industrial culture circle around Tianjin Tractor Factory is a prominent issue that designers facing with. The design concept is not an innovation based on a complete denial, but a transformation and enhancement on the basis of the original pattern. As a tractor factory built in the 1950s, the original pattern of the building was delicate mechanical grid structure. What is required from the designer is to fulfil the transformation from the past style to a modern one on the basis of preserving the original construction and grid structure through the organization of different spaces.  View more View full description
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