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Concept. This project has three stages. The first one was the reconstruction of their old house. We did some cost calculations and propose them to build a new house with half volume and without any compromises. Stage two: They find a nice plot of about 800 m2, they bought it and we start work on it. During the process, the investor managed to buy an adjoining plot with orchard and the total area of ​​land was 3100 m2.   Now we started the third and last stage. That resulted in us deciding that it would be best to build in the middle of the orchard and have a view on the yard from every room in the house. The greenhouse was placed on the roof for several reasons: not to spoil the view from the house, saving money on the foundation construction, the use of residual heat from the house, and access to the greenhouse with the dry feet. View more View full description
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