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BackgrounSince the Reform and Opening-up, a “third-generation” living type has appeared in rural areas of southern Zhejiang province, which has formed a unique local landscape of 5-storey residential buildings with narrow width and long depth. The style of multiple-storey and narrow-width has isolated each storey, homogenized functions, and reduced spatial interactions. Besides, the limited number of family members has led to a waste of the top storey in the house or even all high stories in the residential buildings. ExploreThis project is a duplex principal residence located in a rural village in southern Zhejiang province. Y.AN Design took the space interactive experience as the opportunity to explore the reconstruction of the unused fifth storey and tries to build a space for family activities that can satisfy compound functional requirements. Less spatial definitions and weaker partitions blurred the spatial boundaries and presented a more flexible functional space so as to dig the spatial potential of the house. This is a free interactive residential space with few precedented examples. View more View full description
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