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"A vegan restaurant, that values organic and natural ingredients supplied by small producers from different regions of Brazil, located in a space with plenty of natural lighting, accessible to everyone and pet friendly." These are the major foundations that motivated the establishment of Cajuí Restaurant, located in São Paulo, Brazil. Along with the initial assessment of the pre-existing construction, the concept idealized by the client was the main basis for the development of the first architectural drafts. The big acclivity right at the access to the site, the numerous levels of the existing construction and the darkness due to the narrow plot, practically entirely covered, indicated the physical challenges for the implementation of the architectural concept. Initially, with the intention to attend the logistical and functional premises, the space was divided in two zones by a small volume, containing the bathroom for the disabled and the bar. Strategically located, the stairs were replaced in order to reduce the number of pre-existing plateaus to overcome the inclination, providing a more fluid and intuitive circulation. Additionally, to make the restaurant accessible to everyone, it became necessary to set a lifting platform from the sidewalk level to the bar level in order to guarantee accessibility to the lower lounge, toilet and bar. View more View full description
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