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This site is a newly developed residential area, a high ground overlooking the sea near the city of Kobe, Japan. The development took place in recent years, and small-scale individual houses are lined up all around the neighborhood. The house-building industry has developed significantly, and excellent technologies used in efficient insulation products, equipment with high performance coefficients, high-strength engineered wood, energy saving lighting equipment, etc. have improved the performance of houses, but rather than simply relying on such individual functions, we would like to think about structures that work better when they integrate such technologies, so the whole house can function better and smarter. Here, while comprehensively thinking of the design, the structure and all equipment as a whole to be able to cover the environment of the whole house and the segmented technology, we tried approaching from the point of view of furniture, around which the dwellers’ living is centered. A shelf-like frame that is placed in the center of the house and supports the roof, is made of thin and very sturdy LVL and it is a structure created by assembling small prefabricated units on the construction site. The shelf-like frame functions as the centerpiece for the wind and ventilation flow in this house. In the summer and during mid-season, the frame connects the entire house aerodynamically without obstructing the wind flow, thereby encouraging natural ventilation by using natural air-flows and the chimney effect. View more View full description
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