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Located in the old railway neighbourhood of the city of Mendoza, a low-density residential area, the Martínez 3458 building is made up of four housing units, composed of two rooms each. The lot on which it is located is 9.5 meters wide by 28 meters deep. The project is valuing every possible square meter, established by the low occupancy rates of the area (FOS and FOT). Taking full advantage of the lot, without neglecting the neighbourhood scale in which it is incorporated, the building was decided to be drawn from the municipal line. In this way, the main characteristic of the area is respected, which is the “garden neighbourhood”, leaving space for the garages. The design premise was to solve four units with their own expansions, maintaining some degree of independence and privacy in relation to the other units. Thus, there is a succession of private and shared courtyards, which enables cross ventilation and good lighting. View more View full description
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